Xizang (Tibet) is a majestic and richly endowed place with lofty mountains of various postures. But long long ago there was a vast expanse of sea. It did not until the Himalaya’s orogenic movement turn to be the highest plateau on the earth.

Mencius, (372-288 B.C., the Chinese philosopher) one said. “When Confucuis (351-478 B.C.the Chinese educationist) at the top of Eastern Mountains, he felt that the land of Lu state was small, so did he feel the land under the Heaven while he was on the summit of Mount Tai”.

Therefore one could well turn his nose at the world if he can get to the world’s roof-top–Mount Jo-mo Glang-ma, the most magnificent peak where rivers run in all directions. It is not only the source of many Asian rivers, but the centre of the wide and misty Chinese lakes as well.

With multitudinous produce and abundant natural resources, Xizang covers 1.2 million sq.ms constituting one eighth of China’s land mass, nearly as large as the total territories of Germany and France.

It’s leading nationality, the Xizang (Tibetan) is extraordinary. It has an indomitable character and an optimistic spirit.

For thousands of years it lives in this land, struggling against the hard conditions on stormy and highland brillantly resisting all aggressions. It has, with its industrousness and ingeniousness, created a splended culture which has filled out a glorious page in th…